Touching Danny O’Donoghue at the Optus Rockcorps Concert

Oh my god.  What an amazing night.  A quick overview before I get to the most amazing part…  I dropped off my day late assignment at uni, looking quite toolish in my concert get-up.  We started lining up at around 5 and got in around 7:30.  Decided to stay in the mosh and basically, this is my first time moshing.  Even at Future Musical Festival there was a tonne of space to dance crazily in!  This was like being packed into a can of sardines, everyone dripping with sweat simply because our bodies were so packed together!  I mean, it wasn’t even hot inside, just everyone, so close…so much body heat…and body odour…

Anyway!  I physically couldn’t film any of the acts before The Script, so I sang along and watched in half discomfort of being swayed and almost falling down when I couldn’t get a foothold during movements, to Guy Sebastian, the Potbelleez (and their weird ass dancing), and Tinie Tempah!  Pretty sure I made eyes with his DJ a few times, sadly none that I recall with Tinie.  He was wearing sunnies the majority of the time…  Their dancing was cool.

Back to The Script!  By the time they came on, not sure when that was, I had made it to the front of the mosh pit!  Literally the front!  Literally the centre!!  I was behind two girls, and stood inbetween their heads, right in the centre, where they started to set up a platform and steps for Danny to walk on and interact with us fans!  Actually I was kind of annoyed, the girls in front of me didn’t even know his name was Danny…  Anyway, the second song they sang was We Cry, and he came down stage onto the steps and called out for us to sing into the mic!!  Sadly, he pointed it to the girl to my front left to sing…  I wish I had gotten the mic, it could’ve been an amazing bonding moment, maybe even life changing.  Ah the possibilities, and my imagination…

Oh what!  The first song they sang, Danny came right up and close to us, and he stood to the right of me for a bit, at first I couldn’t reach him, and all the girls behind me were pushing against me to try and touch him.  With a little extra effort I managed to touch, his, ARM!!!!  It was the closest thing.  I touched it, and then I went in again to squeeze it!!!  It was amazing!  So amazing.  I squeezed it, because when I touched it, it felt more like a brush up against, but squeezing, that was amazing, it was intense and I could really feel that it was him!!!  I squeezed Danny O’Donoghue’s arm, and I loved it.  Then he continued down.

Also, he sat down on the steps for a song, I think it was Man Who Can’t Be Moved, I love that song.  It makes me so emotional and sad, it’s a great song.  Anyway, he sat there singing, and instead of looking above me, and out to the crowd, like they usually do, he looked straight down at me!!!  I was singing all the words and feeling super emotional, probably making some un-attractive emotional singing face, and staring into his eyes!  I don’t feel weird staring into his eyes, because I want to have an amazing moment with him!  The girl on my front right got to hold his hand, I put my hand up while he was holding hers but he didn’t hold mine…  I guess that makes it more special, I mean, he can’t go around holding everyones hand!  But still wish it was me who got that single experience.

So that was the amazing Script.  God they are amazing, and gorgeous, and so sweet!

While we were lining up, I volunteered to be interviewed for some Foxtel show called, I don’t even remember anymore…  And then I volunteered for the Hot Hits Live from LA which was so cool!  I hope I get put on the website or whatever!  I mean my answers were pretty good!  Hopefully.  Fingers crossed!  We also got photos taken by photographers, I wonder where they will go up…  One of the photographers was actually hot, he had the Avicii hair, like the long on the top all tied up…  Some guys at my uni have that, I think I stared at them for too long, he really looked like Avicii…

Anyway, it was an amazing night and my fingers and calves are so tired!  No uni Fridays, woo!

Lots of Love from an amazing night with the amazing Danny O’Donoghue!
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  This is the rare occasion where I actually Woo!!  Best night ever.  Best. 🙂  (Rare smiley).


Appaz money makes my world go round

Anything I say is probably never going to be a true epiphany, but I’m pretty sure I just realised that all the greatest memories, I guess recently, that I’ve had have been because money has allowed me to have them.  After finishing high school and the HSC and all that, I had the greatest holiday of my life.  Not even because I hadn’t been on a proper holiday probably since I was 11 and went to China.

I went to Thailand, I went to America, and visited all the major cities there and fell in love with New York, it’s as great as everyone says and as everyone portrays it in film and television…  Greatest love of my life.  I want it to be my life goal to live there, but I feel like I’m not even as brave or spontaneous (maybe I was never spontaneous) as I thought I was, I feel old now that I’m 18.  And not even just because I’m legally an adult, it’s that, I’ve gone through the system, finished the mandatory years of school and am now in the time of my life where I actually decide and work towards what I want to do with my life.

I’m doing an Arts degree, which really won’t get me anywhere, and is basically a 3 year stepping stone, but do I even want this stepping stone?!  I suppose the most obvious reason is that I have no other choice, I seriously have no idea what I truly want to pursue with my life, and this 3 year stepping stone is none other than obligatory, and I guess essential to moving on, and I think maturing…

Anyway, blah blah blah, in that holiday after I’d come back from my travels, I got a shitload of money because I was turning 18, Christmas and Chinese New Year all in a matter of two months.  This meant, a SHIT-LOAD, more than what I usually get.  It’s all gone now, which makes me very sad on how and why I’d waste it so quickly and on materialistic things, that in the moment, brought me pleasure.  (Hedonism?)  Although, I guess now I can look back and still think it was a lot fun, hanging out with my friends and just buying whatever I wanted.  I bought a lot of stuff…  My most memorable buy must’ve been last year when I went shopping and bought 2 dresses from Princess Polly in one go, adding up about $220?  One of them was the most amazing old school banana dress, with capped sleeves, and circle skirt, the raddest pattern and a massive open back!  I wore that to the Ed Sheeran concert actually, best use of an amazing dress ever!  And best concert, and first concert, I’d ever been to!  Ed was amazing!!

Anyway, went clubbing, bought drinks, etc. etc.  And it was all because I had money that was seemingly limitless that made it fun.  I mean I can’t even go out anymore since I don’t have money, and no one will hire me, although I haven’t actually sent out my resume yet since I haven’t seen the right job…  I mean going out can be expensive even when you’re minimal!  I.e. a low entry fee with be around $5-$10, pre-drinks $10, drinks in club $10, cabs around the city $15, night ride with a friend $3, but a fucking cab home if you’re alone and can’t walk home by yourself $75!!  So basically if you’re cheap, it’s around $50 to be safe, and $150 to be safe if you’re getting a cab.

Anyway, so basically, money is the key to my happiness, so what does that say about me and my values?  Am I materialistic?  Is it the world around me that has moulded me into only valuing things that cost money?  Or is it society for being capitalist and too darn expensive that I can’t enjoy even the most simple night out with friends.  Well maybe I’ll leave those answers for another time…  Time to catch up on New Girl!

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. Game of Thrones premiere last night… Been too fucking long!!  Was godly.

Uni update

Not really sure what I ended up on the last time I posted, but something about anthropology I suppose.  Anyway, it’s week four of uni and seriously, we’re already on our second strike.  Now usually in high school, I wouldn’t give a fuck, but now that it’s uni and I actually want what I’m paying for and want to learn something, it’s shit.  I miss out on the most important thing, tutorials!  Sigh pie 101.

Other than the strikes, anthropology is turning out to be the most mundane out of all the subjects I’ve chosen, only to be great in tutorials when I can just listen to my attractive tutor talk about stuff, and roll in some anecdotes and funny stories.  Well not to sound overly creepy, but I googled him and found out that he’s a dancer and composes music, which is so awesome!  I love music too.  But we probably differ in genres and tastes but whatever.  But but.

Sometimes I laugh or giggle to myself just because I know I’ve googled him and I know what he does in his spare time or what he previously did.  One time in class, well this week on Monday, I started laughing and looking down hoping he wouldn’t notice, but of course he did, and was like, “Why is she laughing?” Awkward cos I’m laughing at you, but not at you, as more as with you, or more so like loving laughter, as in, you’re so cute!  He’s like 30 I think.

After class he said, “You know it’s okay to laugh in class.”  Swoon bitches.  Wow this is turning into a slightly stalkerish recount of my tutor.

Anyway, had an anthropology lecture later that day, and he attended it, I think to gather notes on what to talk about, I’m not really sure.  Not sure if you know but tutors are mostly, are PHD students of that particular field.  And he made a joke the first time about being imprisoned in the Old teachers College where I suppose they do alot of their writing and stuff.

Anyway, people usually say hi to their teachers in high school, and a tutor is basically a teacher, and the lecturer is kind of like a distant figure who will never know my name because I will never (maybe I shouldn’t say never) become knowledgable enough in the field to be able to contribute so broadly in a lecture…  So for the first time I’m early to this lecture, I walk up to the other side of the hall and see my tutor, he see’s me, I look down, I look at him when I get closer in order to say hi, and then he looks down, and I say hi to no one.

Anyway!  Left this post open for too long whilst doing other stuff and have lost my train of thought.  Busy day ahead tomorrow, and a long night and uni the next morning!

Hope you are all enjoying your lives.
Just Another Woo Girl

Post-hsc fun!!

So today I finally finished all my exams!!  That means, the end of high school!  I’m a bit tired to blog, all that happened was I had an awesome day after my exam (which was pretty easy, nothing hard) at Coogee beach and eating burritos and tacos and chilli cheese fries for the first time!  Also enjoyed a pretty yum berry pavlova gelato from gelatissimo!  It even had a chunk of meringue…so yum, I love meringue!  Anyway, so I decided just to upload a few pics to capture the fulfilled day!  I am a free young woman!

S and M (lol) chillin’ in the waves
Burrito bowl at Beach Burrito Co!  Very yum, something lim prawns with mango chutney, rice, guacamole, salsa…

Beach Burrito Co
Cool art on the walls, and also nice fairy lights!
Nice art
Gelatissimo!  I ended up getting berry pavlova!
Clouds, so pretty!
Awesome rays of light streaming out into the ocean!  Must be some sort of second coming in the rock pool…

Beautiful electric sunset!  Seriously wish I lived in Coogee…

My braid on M!  Three fishtails braids then plaited together!  Purdy!  If I do say so myself…
Night falling, lights by the beach…  So amazing!  Loving the chill life

So yes!  That was my day in photos, a lot of instagram photos that I plan to instagram in the foreseeable future, because you know what an instafreak I am…  Plus, oh my gosh, I’m going to Thailand, have formal, USA…  Too many things to instagram!

Just Another Woo Girl

Car Dreams

I long the day when I can drive, the winding roads that spiral down the mountain with views of the horizons and the cities below, the breeze rustling through my hair as I roll down the top of my convertible, the smell of daisy’s and crisp air while my cream, white scarf blows away…  Italy, I suppose this would take place.  

I may even have minor thoughts of road trips in the hot summer, in an old blue sedan, cruising with the windows down because there’s no air conditioning, and then we step out of the car into a lush forest where we ride our vintage bicycles on the dirt track, and then I suppose we stop off at a cliff where we enjoy a carton of Moove milk each.  I think we’d agree that an air conditioned journey would probably be the most enjoyable, rather than a hot tanked tin trip.

But what I most long for, is the time when I can roll up the windows, by myself, driving fast through a highway and belt out Whitney Houston or One Direction song.  That is the life.  The dream.  That I know I will someday live out, enjoy, and love.  Oh the joy, a little bit of fist pumping, a little bit of head bopping, and a lot of seat dancing.  Seat dancing, one of the best genres of dance.  This entails the wriggling of the bottom half of your body whilst using arm, shoulder and head movements to seat dance in time to the music. 
I have this small inkling that this innate desire of mine to seat dance and sing while driving, may in fact (not sure, though I think it may be possible), that I will, be the perpetrator, of an accident.  So as the safe driver I will be, I’ll look to the left, look to my right, look in the rear view mirror, look forward, and dance only when not seen by others, thus, to avoid an incredibly awkward/lol situation.
Now here comes a red light, slowing down, smoothly I come to a stop.  Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream comes on!  Oh my god!  Initiate seat dancing and emotive singing.  Fun, fun, fun, fun, looking forward to the street lights, I feel something gazing upon me.  Is it the red light cameras?  No, it is, (FML), the person next to me.  Now to avoid this situation that has occurred in many films and advertisements, I shall invest in the darkest midnight window tinting.  Not only will I preserve my dignity, I will look super cool while doing it.
On the other hand, if I become super famous… Well I’d be famous so who cares.
Just Another Woo Girl