Last year wasn’t all that average

So I know I said last year was pretty…average.  But really it wasn’t because oh my god I had the best concert year ever!!!  You know how I realised this?  I heard Lady Gaga was having her tour in August but didn’t actually think I would go (even though I stan for her) because no one I know loves her as much as me!  And the only tour I am seriously needing to go to is One Direction, because this album is amazing.  Anyway, so my friend is going and I wish I was going too!!  But in reality, I’m saving for something bigger this year, to travel!  And this is hard because I’m really crap at saving money due to makeup, clothes, shoes, going out, and food.  So I wouldn’t really be able (well I could) buy a ticket anyway…  But when I think of last year, the concerts that I went to, those are experiences in themselves!  Ones that are new and amazing!!!  As a fangirl, it’s utterly and amazingly euphoric being in the same air space as the ones you love.  I had thought, there was nothing new I experienced last year.  Uni was like going through high school again except the subjects I was doing were shit and I hated them.  But every concert and festival I went to, was a whole new thing in a whole new category of ‘feels’.  Each musician and artist is an experience in themselves, so even though it’s categorised in ‘music’ and ‘concerts’ each is unique and incredible!  And this was the year I went to my first concert ever as well!!

My 2013 music experiences!!!  (New to me and exciting and the best ever!!!)
1. Ed Sheeran
2. Future Music Festival
3. One Direction
4. Justin Bieber
5. Taylor Swift
6. The 1975 (Okay, this was 2014 but it counts because it’s the holidays of 2013, prior uni)

ALL SO AMAZING!!!!  I’m pretty sure I already had a whole feels post about Ed Sheeran (on my old blogspot), it was my first ever concert!!!  I danced the whole night at my seat, he was epic and pitch perfect and original and all he needed was him, his guitar and his loop pedal.  Future was so fun, my first and only festival, where I got to relive live my favourite Avicii song “I Could Be The One” from my 18th birthday when Nicky Romero played it for the first time to my ears.  Not to mention One Direction, after missing out on the Up All Night tour (oh how I was fucking devastated!!!) it was amazing and I filmed the whole thing, but all you can hear is mostly me singing horribly out of tune…  Justin is perfect, the concert was amazing, his dance moves, his voice, his sexuality, just everywhere…!!!  And T-Swifty was a spur of the moment thing, but oh my god was it worth it and epic.  It was the first open air concert I’d been too and it was just a whole other vibe, other worldly, the pyro, the fireworks, just the immense stage show of it all was breathe-taking, and Taylor is just perfection, her voice, I cried when she sand “All Too Well” it was to die for.  And yes, The 1975, my love blossomed for them when I saw a post about them on Tumblr relating to Harry Styles, so cute!  They were great, and I have to say, even better live than on record!!!  Matty is full of energy and his dancing and head shaking is contagious!  It was my first gig type of concert, really small and intimate, he was right there in front of us and I know he could see everyone.

Anyway, yeah so 2013 wasn’t such a mundane year after all!  And I only mean this in terms of me in my life and moving forward and doing something with purpose.  Concerts are purposeful.  They heal the soul.

Lots of love,
Just Another Woo Girl


My un-funny dad

Just seriously lol.  I don’t even know, sometimes I find my parents interesting and funny, but only funny when they do silly things, not funny in an intellectually humorous way.  But majority of the time, they’re boring.  I think tonight, it’s safe to say, I can clearly make this conclusion.  I mean, I’ve thought it before when I’d have to sit at their dinner ‘parties’ and listen, nodding, eating, to their mundane conversations.  I guess when I was younger I attributed this to being young, and having different interests or ideas of what interesting topics of conversation were.  Not that I’d even distinguish talking over food as going through topics of conversation when I was little, or even now.  But seriously, so boring, it’s funny.

So one of my family friends from Singapore came to Sydney to study last year, she’s fluent in English and everything and gets the culture, she’s not a fob.  And this year she came to live with us, since our house has so many, well not that many, empty rooms.  And yesterday her parents came to visit to look at apartments to buy, and so they’re staying with us as well.

Side note, I didn’t want to come out and see them since I don’t wear make up at home, and I thought having two essays to write that are already late was excuse enough.  Turns out, it’s not, and it’s pretty awkward having to sit at dinner with them tonight when it’s like I’ve avoided seeing them in my own house.  I feel so guilty, but then at the same time, after that dinner, glad I didn’t come out of my room.  I mean, they were at dinner for like three hours last night and I can’t imagine what they were talking about.  Actually I can, probably the same as tonight but about buying houses, because tonight was about bank loans.

So I’m just enjoying the food my mums made, so yummy.  Except now that I’ve finished I feel sick and too full…  And my dad’s talking away, really mundanely, and her two parents are just listening.  So my parents and her parents go way back I think, not really sure to where, maybe my dad and her dad were uni friends…  And he’s telling them, explaining to them, the entire process of how we came to buy this house, and what loans he took.  Comparison: they bought an apartment within one day of coming to Sydney, my parents took around three.

Whilst he was telling them the boring process, I thought to myself, maybe it’s just what he’s talking about that’s boring, not the entire conversation.  And I thought, how would I say what he’s saying?  “You’ve got to look at two different banks when you take out a loan to get the best offer.  I ended up with blah blah blah blah blah blah blah the end.”  I could say what he was saying much more quickly, and more interestingly.  Instead, my dad is dragging out the entire process trying to see if there’s some sort of reaction from his audience.  He’s putting in heaps of dramatic pauses in between words, I don’t even know.

Then he makes a joke saying in a serious voice, “I did not do anything illegal.  I would never do anything illegal because I don’t want to go to jail.”  Then bursts out laughing.  Literally no one laughed.  I felt kind of bad.  My mum was like, “that’s not funny, stop.”  And then I laughed because it was just so funny that it wasn’t.  But seriously, my dad thinks he’s so funny and laughs at his own jokes and no one else laughs.  It’s tragic.  Not even his age peers laugh.  I guess humour doesn’t age with age, it’s generally the same.  My mum’s like, “why are you laughing?”  I half think she thought I was actually laughing at my dad’s joke…  And then I left.

Ah assignments…

Just Another Woo Girl