Car Dreams

I long the day when I can drive, the winding roads that spiral down the mountain with views of the horizons and the cities below, the breeze rustling through my hair as I roll down the top of my convertible, the smell of daisy’s and crisp air while my cream, white scarf blows away…  Italy, I suppose this would take place.  

I may even have minor thoughts of road trips in the hot summer, in an old blue sedan, cruising with the windows down because there’s no air conditioning, and then we step out of the car into a lush forest where we ride our vintage bicycles on the dirt track, and then I suppose we stop off at a cliff where we enjoy a carton of Moove milk each.  I think we’d agree that an air conditioned journey would probably be the most enjoyable, rather than a hot tanked tin trip.

But what I most long for, is the time when I can roll up the windows, by myself, driving fast through a highway and belt out Whitney Houston or One Direction song.  That is the life.  The dream.  That I know I will someday live out, enjoy, and love.  Oh the joy, a little bit of fist pumping, a little bit of head bopping, and a lot of seat dancing.  Seat dancing, one of the best genres of dance.  This entails the wriggling of the bottom half of your body whilst using arm, shoulder and head movements to seat dance in time to the music. 
I have this small inkling that this innate desire of mine to seat dance and sing while driving, may in fact (not sure, though I think it may be possible), that I will, be the perpetrator, of an accident.  So as the safe driver I will be, I’ll look to the left, look to my right, look in the rear view mirror, look forward, and dance only when not seen by others, thus, to avoid an incredibly awkward/lol situation.
Now here comes a red light, slowing down, smoothly I come to a stop.  Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream comes on!  Oh my god!  Initiate seat dancing and emotive singing.  Fun, fun, fun, fun, looking forward to the street lights, I feel something gazing upon me.  Is it the red light cameras?  No, it is, (FML), the person next to me.  Now to avoid this situation that has occurred in many films and advertisements, I shall invest in the darkest midnight window tinting.  Not only will I preserve my dignity, I will look super cool while doing it.
On the other hand, if I become super famous… Well I’d be famous so who cares.
Just Another Woo Girl