So yes.  My room is currently the most messy it has ever been, to my recollection.  Now, it’ not even just messy, it’s actually disgusting.  I don’t want to go into all the details because it will just gross you out and make you all think I am really disgusting and messy…  So anyway, as you would’ve known, the past few weeks (maybe not the most recent few) have been hectic with assignments.  Now, it’s not even that I pull all-nighters consecutively before the due date, which would probably be more beneficial, but a single all-nighter before the day I hand it in, whether it’s (not ever) on time or days/weeks after.  So yes, I had the phase with the tim tams.  Recently though, I haven’t been doing that.  I think I may be put off on that for at least a few months.
I’d been drinking a lot of tea in an attempt to boost energy and caffeine levels to no avail.  And so, seeing as these past few weeks I’ve just given up, I had just left these mugs of half drunken tea in my room.  Fermenting, as you will.  To be honest I think they’ve been in my room for maybe two weeks.  And my room is strewn with my clothes because every morning I don’t know what to wear.  I’ve worn this top this week already and I don’t want to look like a dirty hoe who wears the same clothes everyday with obviously no time to wash them.
So anyway, they’ve just been sitting there.  And for some reason just now I decided to finally take them downstairs to the kitchen.  But before doing that I had a tiny peak inside…  EWWWWWWWW MOULD!!!!!!!!  EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my god it was excruciatingly cringeworthy!  Oh how I cringed!  I saw it and quickly put the lid back on.  As I’m writing this I am cringing, eughhHH!!!!!!  There were like black green circles of mould sitting on the top, and I think the tea had turned into some acidic translucent colour.  Most likely due to the soy milk in it.  Oh so gross.  At first when I looked in I thought it might’ve been the tea bag, but it was peaking out from two ends of the cup, and that was when I realised it was mould and shut it!
I’m not sure, but this might be the most disgusting experience of mould I have ever experienced!  Equalling this other time…
The other time was in probably year eight I think, when I was thirteen.  My mum used to pack me sandwiches for lunch and sometimes I wouldn’t eat them because instead I’d buy something from the canteen.  Usually, one of my friends would be hungry and they’d end up eating my sandwich.  I think on this particular day, I forgot about it and I’d already arrived home from school, the sandwich still in my lunch box.  Of course I couldn’t leave it there, otherwise my mum would’ve gotten me in trouble for not eating and also might’ve made me eat it then and there.  So I snuck it out of my back and stashed it in this massive plastic storage container I had with all these old books and girly files that you’d write in.  And then, I guess I forgot about it.
Sometime later, I don’t really know how long, I opened this container for some reason and holy mother of god, how it stank of death.  Oh man, it smelt so bad, it was sour and strong, like an actual garbage dump.  I opened up the paper bag, and there was the sandwich.  Soooooooo grossssssssssssss.  All mouldy.  Not sure which is more gross, the mould growing on the sandwich or the mould floating on the tea.  Fuck.
Mould is like the one thing that is actively revolting.  It’s not even the type of gross thing that is so gross but you just can’t help looking at it.  It’s the gross thing that is just like eugh, get out of my face and out of my memory.  So bad.
Yeah so I took that downstairs and left it on the counter.  My mum cleaned it.  Lol.  If I was living alone I would’ve just thrown the cups and everything touching it into the garbage bin.  So damn disgusting.  Well, I don’t know what she did with it, maybe she threw it as well.  But I supposed I can’t ever drink from those cups again.  Fml.  Well not really fml, but just so gross.
My room is a mess.  I haven’t started writing the essay that is a substitute.  It was due Friday and now I want to hand it in on Monday before 6pm so I don’t accrue even more than two late marks.  I suck.  And I have work tomorrow…  I’m so bad at work.  I’m just so bad at what I’m supposed to do.  Oh fuck, I am going to fail all my exams.  I can feel it.  I told my mum I want caffeine pills.  She said no…  I must pull an all-nighter on Sunday.  Otherwise I won’t be able to start studying for my exams.  Oh I am going to fail.  
Lol my parents are trying to talk to me right now.  My dad bought me some stuff for my dry skin, oh it’s so dry.  It’s literally like vaseline that he’s bought me.  Lol my dad’s telling my mum that his brother, I think, had a baby and for her to congratulate them or something.  She’s like go away, you’re disturbing everyone.  Because I’m supposed to be studying right now.  I think she’s like, I’m not going to, because they didn’t congratulate her?  I don’t know. Oh right, it’s because they had a baby boy.  And my parents didn’t have a boy.  My mum’s like, I’m the only one who didn’t have a boy, what can I do…  Lol.  I don’t even know.  Kind of depressing really.  Oh well.  Oh well.  Oh well…
Eugh I think they wanted me to be a boy.  Oh well.  Eugh, I think I would’ve made a particularly ugly boy.  I don’t know, it’s much easier for a girl to improve their looks with makeup but for boys, it’s au naturale.  Meh.  I wonder how I would be if were a boy.
Anyway, I should try and get back to my essay which I haven’t done.  I haven’t even read the articles yet.  Fuck.
Cya all,
Just Another Woo Girl

Britney and Demi on the X Factor

Seriously I love them on the show, they are so funny.  Especially Demi and Simon!  Anyway, everyone should watch this video of the judges deliberating, seriously so hilarious!  Here’s a screenshot of them…

Check the video out here!

Just Another Woo Girl

Sleepy is cute but it’s not tired

I was just procrastinating and reading through some of my old blog posts from September last year, one specifically entitled, Dermatology win!  To be honest, I did win, but I didn’t even do anything about it.  My dad gave me a referral letter and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it.  I mean, this was at least six months ago, and I’ve changed my room around, and everything’s different.  I really do wonder where I put that letter…  I bet I put it in my skinny bookshelf when I got it, like behind some books because I had a habit of slotting all the school, board of studies, and uni letters there.  It’s normal, I think, I mean, I don’t even get that many letters so where the hell would I put them?  I should probably start researching a way to keep my letters in check, seeing as I’m finally growing up!  I don’t know if I’ve let the bloggosphere know, but I applied for my own debit card a few months back.  It was pretty invigorating…  That’s not the right word, but you get the gist.  

Also, blogger, I’ve made other accounts on tumblr and wordpress:

I’m still not sure which out of the three I like best.  I love how wordpress has prettier themes, uses categories, and widgets, but then you have to pay for actual customisable themes.  And I’m so broke right now, I have no money in my bank.  But yay!  My old english tutor offered me a job as his assistant, so I’ll see how that goes, I’m excited!  I like tumblr because I think it’s more accessible, but then maybe my blog-style isn’t suited to it.  I like the themes on tumblr too, they’re alright.  Blogger is just ugly, or really boring and generic, also it doesn’t have categories, widgets, it’s probably harder to use, and a con for me is that it’s so simplistic.  But I love the stats page, it’s so easy.

Meh.  I have a psych essay to write for Wednesday.  It was due last Wednesday.  Fuck my life.  I feel so, meh all the time.  I’ll try to source references and articles tonight and read them tomorrow morning.  I’ll only have less that 24 hours including procrastination time to finish it.  And I absolutely have to finish it, I can’t lose another ten marks on top of my current negative ten.  It makes me sad.  I feel so stupid saying that, “I’m sad.”  Lol.  I can’t believe I’ve been “lol-ing” on my blog, I never wanted to.  I should probably just stop and try expressing myself better like I used to.  I want to say it again.

I’m tired.  I read a tumblr post that was like, “sleepy is such a cute word, why don’t we just always say sleepy instead of tired?!”  (I thought sleepy was so cute before this post, I’m not hipster).  And then someone’s like “I’m fucking sleepy of your shit.”  And that was so funny.  I laughed so tiredly.  The reason we don’t say sleepy instead of tired is because there’s actually a fucking difference.  I don’t mean to call the person who posted it a douche bag because sleepy is actually a cute word, but it is no replacement for tired.  Sleepy is associated with happiness, like you’re so sleepy from having an amazing but relentless day.  Tired is bad, it sucks, I associate it with being in the state I’m in now.  Tired from doing shit that wasn’t all that enjoyable, or specifically to my case, tired from doing jack shit.  Tired from sitting on the computer half-assedly attempting to do an essay.  Tired because I’m to pussy to try and figure out what I’m supposed to do because it’s just too hard.  Hard.  Hard.  Tired…

1:15am.  I thought to myself, try and think of it as due tomorrow morning.  But then I continued to write this post.  So it didn’t work.  After this post, I’ll close all these bullshit procrastination windows and try and fucking use PsychINFO.  Seriously, the fuck.  PsychINFO is so hard to use, if everyone is such a genius why don’t they make it a user-friendly interface, fucking hell.  I’m so tired.  PsychINFO, fuck you.  I love Google Scholar, it was so easy.  I took it for granted, fuck you PsychINFO, just, fuck you.  Fuck yourself.  

Just Another Woo Girl

Third world life of an exchange student

Okay quick back story to my main pointless one, it was my granddad’s 87th and my uncle’s 50th birthday today, so we had all the family over for a big dinner.  My little cousin was here, and he is addicted to computer and iPhone games, anything technological.  So after his mum banned him from using the computer after his share of twenty minutes, we started entertaining ourselves with Siri.  Blah blah blah his mum comes back again and asks me to show him my ‘workshop’.

Okay.  And the lol for me begins.  I don’t actually have a workshop, I just used that room for a bit when I was working on my textiles major work for school, and after finishing that in the third term, I hadn’t done much or any study in there at all.  Actually, I have quite fond memories of watching The Office and New Girl for the first time in that room while I was supposed to be studying…  Anyway, it’s not actually my workshop, it only slightly looks that way because of my dress form and tonnes of boxes, some of which are actually mine.
The room is actually currently just filled with boxes of things belonging to a family friend who’s moving in with us while she studies abroad in Sydney, though right now she’s on holiday and back overseas, and all her things are still in boxes.  They kind of smelt for a bit…  And in the middle of that room sandwiched between the wardrobe and the corner desk, taking up majority of the floor space, right now, there’s a bamboo mat that Asian people use to sleep on, and a cushion at the top.  I told my aunt this, how a family friend is moving in there so it’s not my stuff.
She saw this awkward and prison-like setup and gave me the weirdest, what the hell, look.  Basically she thought that we were letting her sleep on the ground surrounded by boxes, like Harry Potter under the stairs.
That wasn’t as amusing nor embarrassing as I thought it would be.  Meh.
Just Another Woo Girl

Excitement nullified

I wasn’t really looking forward to getting my HSC results, it was sort of a thing that was happening but I didn’t particularly realise the impact it would later have on me.  Just putting this out there, not at all am I depressed, but honestly, I am slightly maybe more than slightly glum, as I did see this coming.  In my generally carefree past few weeks of going on a wonderful trip to Thailand, to falling in love with Americans in America (minus San Francisco, not really a fan) and just chilling and doing whatever I want, I have thought of university as a distant future, one that excited me yet frightened me and made me nervous at the same time.  Leaving the nest (lol) of high school and heading out across the great seas (lol again), but what anchored me was the fact I would be studying something that interested me completely, that it meant something, that I would be continuing to learn these amazing things for the few years at uni and the rest of my career, corny and what not.

But now, the excitement’s disappeared, lost, nothing’s really happening.  The choices of courses have been limited to courses I hadn’t even considered doing, to universities that were completely off the grid, yet I’m still only looking at the top three in Sydney, no thank you to the two hour trip to any other university.  And yeah, don’t know what to do, yet don’t want to waste precious years of my youthful life…  
Adolescent dilemmas.  Being like Benjamin Button makes sense, yet, it’s also very creepy.  Though I suppose it wouldn’t be creepy if everyone was like that and we didn’t know different.
Goodnight world,
Just Another Woo Girl
P.s.  Sometimes I find the name I have given to myself in this blog quite ironic, and then I lol because it’s still connected to my Google+ account, which never really overtook Facebook did it, and I suppose never will.  

Hot Tutor Guy

So there’s this guy, and I like to call him Hot Tutor Guy.  Why you ask?  Well, firstly, he’s hot.  Secondly, he’s a tutor.  And thirdly, what, you guessed it?!  That’s right, he’s a girl!  No, he’s a guy.  Thus, we have, Hot Tutor Guy.
Reasons why we belong together:
  1. He’s one gorgeous guy
  2. James Dean (need I explain anymore?  Well I’m not going to anyway).
  3. He, too, hasn’t played laser tag before (we would obviously go when we’re married).
  4. He spoke to me about my mac (and then we fell in love).
  5. He’s cute looking.

And the list goes on (into the future where we have little Eurasian babies).
Please do not think I am this obsessive girl who is crazy and is ultimately mental (though you must already think I am), but I mean seriously.  Think about it.  We shared, this, utmost, in depth, two minute conversation about, my computer.  Could there be anything more intimate than that?  I mean really, is there guys?  (Excluding sex and other intimate activities such as bowling and cycling).  We’re meant to be (quote Everybody Loves Raymond).
Down (yes) and out,
Just Another Woo Girl