I met Harry Styles in the most amazing dream…again

So I haven’t blogged in a while seeing as I’m extremely busy not studying for exams…  So today I had my first exam for anthropology, which as you know, I’ll probably have failed anyway, and did today.  And last night, I was up till around one am just…looking at really vague revision slides that the lecturer made for the last week.  Kinda helped and kinda didn’t, but turns out, I should give myself a bit more credit, some stuff I did listen to in tutorials did come in handy.  So with an early wake up call at 6:30am that I left till 7am (good job me) I feel asleep exhausted, and went to gain an eventful and blissfully euphoric six hours sleep…

And the dreaming begins…

Much alike any other dream I’ve had, this specific section was dreamt just before I woke up from a pressed bladder.  Anyway, rather than beginning with how amazing and overwhelmed I felt in my dream and when I woke up, I’ll try to begin by recounting this epic love story…

So I was in the shopping centre, not sure which one, and I was with a friend, also not sure who.  Actually I think it might’ve been my sister…  Anyway, we are in the middle of turning the corner to go down the escalator when from the corner of my eye, I see this curly haired cute boy with hipster glasses on.  I’m like, oh my god, is that who I think it is?  I look at him, and he looks back at me.  I look at him half quizzically and he turns back to whatever he’s doing and is trying to be inconspicuous.  I’m not quite sure, I think I say to my sister something like, “Oh my god, I think that’s Harry Styles over there…!!!”  It’s my last chance, as we turn and walk down I call out, “HARRY!!”  He turns and looks up at me!  It is him!!  It’s Harry Styles!!  His effortless bespectacled disguise cannot fool me!  My life flashes before my eyes (okay well this is just author exaggeration, it could’ve happened!).  He shoots me this look as if he’s saying, “Come now if you want to meet me!  Before everyone realises it’s me and crowds me…”, his eyebrows raised, eyes wide and neck jerked slightly forward.  So of course, I make my way hurriedly back to him!!

I’m somewhat swoop up to him and we embrace!  It’s warm and longing, and my arms loop under his arms, around the back of his chest, hugging him so tight!  (Wow, sorry, I feel really lame writing like a fanfiction, but to be fair, this is a real dream I had last night!)  I say something like, “I love you so much!  This is the most amazing moment of my life!!”  Something really cheesy like that, that he hears all the time.  But to be honest, I don’t think I even care.  I am euphoric, my heart is racing, it feels like it’s going to burst from my chest and I can’t stop smiling!!!

I had always thought about what I would say if I met Harry, and the others boys too, trying to think of something memorable, cool and interesting!  But then I realise, that the only reason why I’d want to say something like that is so I can spark up some sort of friendship, when in reality, it will never happen.  But then I tell myself again, you have to believe if you want to achieve!  Be positive and optimistic!  (Or it could be contrarily construed as naive and wishful).

Anyway, back to the dream!  In my dream, Harry was wearing a thin white tee with some sort of black calligraphic drawing on it…so loose yet form fitting, caressing his sexy body.  (Ultimate fanfiction moment).  He says something back to me like, “I love you too.”  I don’t know, I don’t remember what he said to me in my dream, but I’m going to make myself believe it was something as amazing as that and that it really did happen (in my dream I mean, I suppose I could also be delusional and make myself believe it happened in real life, but that’s just crazy).
I’m not sure what even happens, but then some people he knows or I know, or maybe even randoms come up to us (while we’re having an intimate moment) and basically I end up taking a few pictures of Harry and some fans or friends.  I’m handing him his phone or something and we’re standing close…and then I wake up.

Oh lord, when I woke up, it was 6:18am.  I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt!  The dream was so amazing, and incredible, and fabulously intimate I felt as though my heart would burst out of love!  Yet at the same time, I felt so incredibly sad that this may never happen, and I will never even get to experience this utterly epic sensation, it’s unforgettable…  So basically, an overwhelming overload of euphoria and melancholy, as I have described many dreams and moments before…  Oh life.  What a hand you’ve dealt me.  What an amazing dream.  I wonder what will happen the next time I dream about Harry…just wondering makes me smile.

All my love,
Just Another Woo Girl

The churning stomach…

What an emotional day.  It was the end of an era, the end of everything, The Office finale…  Oh how I cried.  But another post on that later.  I just checked my psychology essay results, and my internet has been running slow for the past few days, possibly because of all the windows and tabs I have open for online shopping.  Anyway, blackboard is always super slow on the turn it in thing, and whilst waiting for it to load, my stomach was actually churning.  I’m not sure that it’s ever churned before…  Unless churning is also what you call what your stomach does when you’re really hungry.  
In my tutorial on Wednesday my tutor was pretty…I’m pretty sure she hinted that we didn’t do very well, and that means, people failed.  I was sure I’d fail.  But then there’s also that tiny tiny part of me that hopes that maybe I am so naturally talented in some area and don’t even know it that I pass…  Well that feeling wasn’t that prominent this time.  And to kill the suspense, I failed.  Horribly.  Well I didn’t fail horribly, but I did fail.  My raw mark was a high pass, it makes me wish that I’d handed it in a week earlier and I would’ve at least passed the essay…but now I’ve failed.  I guess I can take this into account as, I’m not a complete failure, well my work isn’t.  But meh.
I think overall I was pretty prepared to see a whole lot of comments.  And I did.  To be honest I read the first three and couldn’t be bothered anymore.  It’s not even that they were making me feel sad, or bad about myself.  I just assume all the comments will be about similar mistakes, like I’ve stated facts that are actually wrong…  Not that I’m expecting any positive comments, but I doubt I’ll have any of those anyway.  An email went out a few days before saying that the tutors will mark hard?  Actually I don’t think it said hard, but they wouldn’t hold back from pointing out flaws, in order to improve.  And also that the essay isn’t a mark of your potential, or you as a person.  The fact that the coordinator or whoever stated that specifically was comforting to me and made me feel better.  But all in all, I think after writing all this, I feel sad.  I still haven’t started any of my two essays, and in an attempt to start later, I decided to check my results after remembering that they were released at noon.  
I don’t even know.  It makes me so sad that I have to do assignments.  Well essays.  I don’t even know…  I went to the bathroom and thought…  Arts is all academic, all about academic essays.  I was thinking of picking up film studies, but then I also realised that that too was about analysis and academic writing.  All the subjects are.  Then I thought about journalism, at UTS or at Usyd, and realised even though it’s not particularly academic, the writing is still supposed to be sophisticated…I don’t really know.  Then I thought about fashion, writing is important, but it’s not the major factor.  Should I be doing that?  I don’t know.  I imagined myself transferring to UTS…not sure how I feel about that.  The only thing I really love about Usyd is the campus, how it’s massive (even though walking is a con) it reminds me of going to uni in America or something.  UTS is literally one ugly and tall building, with ‘campuses’ separated by commercial blocks…  I love Usyd.  Some people say to me, they don’t actually love Usyd, but then others say they love it.  I was sitting in a lecture thinking, I wish all I had to do was listen and take notes, not have to write essays, not have to do exams.  My exams are in less than three weeks and I haven’t even handed in my last two assessments.  Life.
Not to mention tomorrow I have my second day of work.  I didn’t actually tell you how my first day was.  It was last Sunday and I worked five hours…  I work at my old tutoring place.  I don’t really know what I expected, I kind of thought I’d be teaching primary school students.  But tomorrow I have to assist a year twelve class, I don’t even know what to do.  To be honest, I mean I’ve always known and thought this, but I’m not that good at english…  Not good enough to teach other students.  And these students are only a year younger than me, in the position I was in not only a few months ago, and now I’m (sort of) entrusted with their future.  I’m supposed to mark essays and stuff.  I remember having tutors help me with mine, they gave me examples, what to put in my essay, things I need to expand on and points.  My tutor even gave me and my friend essays to mark one time, I literally had no suggestions and have no idea.  It’s because I’m not at all confident or opinionated about these things, I have no idea what the author is trying to say, or what they are saying.  So how can I possibly help others…  Not to mention again that the class splits into two, one on Hamlet and one on Yeats.  I don’t even know what the fuck Yeats is.  I think I have to research or read up on it before tomorrow.  And read up on techniques that I’ve forgotten…  One of the girls who I’m assisting said that I have to get used to teaching stuff I don’t know at this tutoring place.  This makes me sad.  I suck seriously.  I’m considering resigning because I literally don’t think I have what it takes to teach or even assist or even mark HSC essays…  I don’t know how I’m going to survive the two hours tomorrow, bullshitting my way through, pretending to be smart.  
I was watching BeautyCrush on youtube again today, of her behind the scenes of fashion shoots (link here).  It made me realise that I’ve got to learn to get used to this feeling because all my life it will be like this.  Sammi was helping with styling at the shoot with people I assume she’s never met.  Caught a plane alone to Ibiza to meet with people she’s never met.  Had to have lunch and make small talk with them.  Feeling like a newbie, which is what I feel like at work, and sometimes at uni.  I say sometimes at uni because I don’t feel like that all the time, but I am still a fresher and literally think it in my mind.  Yeah I don’t really know where I was going with this or if I’ve already made my point but whatever…
Oh watching the video also made me want to be a model (lol).  It just looks so fun!  Not that I’d ever be one.  It reminds me of being an actor or something because you have to audition all the time and you’ll get rejected and things like that…
Sigh, I’ve also run out the Tim Tams my mum bought…  So no more delicious Tim Tams with tea…  I don’t know if I told you but I finally found Yorkshire tea!  It was in Coles I think.  I was getting more tea after I’d run out of English Breakfast and saw it just sitting there!  Finally when I wasn’t looking for it, it appears!!  And then I wikipedia-ed it in store to see if it was the actual one, and it was!  So yorkshire tea is the brand, and it makes black tea, so there is no other Yorkshire tea.  That’s just what I’ve gathered…  Here’s the attractive picture I took.
I actually think this picture is attractive, not sarcasm.  Well actually this is far too big, I can really see it all in it’s not so glorious form.  I think shopping would make me feel a lot better…  But there’s no time for that.  I really can’t fucking be bothered.  I can’t go now since all the stores will close/have closed.  I can’t go tomorrow since there’s not enough time before work.  I have to start my assignment tonight and also read up on Hamlet, Yeats and techniques.  That’s for tonight and tomorrow morning.  Then I have to work until two, and then probably walk around my local stores and see nothing worthy compared to the top shop pants I want.  Maybe I should just trek it out there tomorrow on a fucking Sunday to buy them if the weather is good…  Shops close early on Sunday as well…  I don’t know.  It’s really pissing me off that I can’t make the picture smaller.  It’s either me or wordpress, but either way it’s pissing me off.  Minus one to wordpress, fuck.  I woke up at like twelve today and realised it was sunny outside, opposed to the rainy weather report.  Annoyed…!!!!  I should’ve gone to the library but I thought it’d be raining and I don’t like going outside when the weather is that miserable.  Lugging around an umbrella is the worst.  I really need to buy a new umbrella, some sort of compact one, but not enough money to spare for that.  My mum is so annoying, I don’t ask her for money for things I want, like clothes and stuff, nor do I go shopping with her because every time I regret it.  Anyway, so one time she was like, just tell me what you want and I’ll give you money, and you concentrate on studying.  I think this was in reference to me not having a job before and not having any money because literally no one would hire unexperienced me.  I really wanted to work in Sportsgirl or General Pants or even Glue.  I think one person kept saying to me, General Pants is so exclusive, and I was thinking, I fucking know, but there’s no harm in still applying…!!  Yeah well my mum hasn’t really done anything to support what she’s said.  Plus she only says things like that when other people are around.  Meh.
Cya bitchez,
Just Another Woo Girl

Dreaming of bantering with The Wanted

I have some majorly serious procrastination issues, and I feel like even calling them simply ‘procrastination issues’ is an understatement and gives it some sort of power that it doesn’t actually have, I mean, the problem isn’t procrastination, the problem is me procrastinating, me!  Anyway, so basically to my body’s dismay, I slept the whole day.  The thing is, I can say that I didn’t want to, because I did, just to get away from doing my assignments.  So even though my mind is bright, my body is seriously dragging me down, oversleeping is a curse, now I know why Sleeping Beauty didn’t want to sleep anymore…  She must’ve felt like death when she woke up, aside from the fact that a sexy prince was the one to kiss her awake…

So on the plus side, I had another incredibly amazing and vivid dream, better than any yet, about The Wanted.  It makes me sad that I can’t remember the details of it, since I dreamt it maybe four hours ago, but I’ll try to recount the highlights, for my and maybe your pleasure.

I think we were in a shopping centre, me and all five of the boys.  Nathan’s voice was fine.  I think we were in Top Shop or something similar like Sportsgirl with a vintage section (I really want to go shopping and buy new pants because it’s getting cold).  And I’m not all that sure what happened after but I ended up sitting around this table in the shopping centre on some couches.  I was sitting next to Jay (my love) and all the boys were around, we were just talking and laughing about things I again don’t remember.  Then I think we started singing along to their new single Walks Like Rihanna and we were all miming and bopping and making faces at each other, and I think this was the best time of my dream life.  I can’t really specify as to what we were talking about so it’s a bit vague as to why it was fun, but I remember me and all the boys in the dream really laughing and just being crazy!  Ah fun times in my dream.  Me and Jay, oh if only there was such a thing!  Only in my vivid dreams.  Bantering, smiling, laughing…

And then I woke up.  And I tried to go back to sleep so the dream could continue, but as we all know, it never happens…  The Wanted left Sydney yesterday and my heart is breaking, I wish they were here for longer, or lived here, or I don’t even know, they flew off to Melbourne and are off to Japan tonight or tomorrow.  But I feel so lucky and privileged that they chose to perform their latest single live for the first time in Australia!  And in Sydney too, my home town!  Amazing, I love them so much!  When are they seriously going to tour Australia?!

One Direction also announced their 2014 Where We Are Tour!!  I’m so excited!!!  I want to go so badly!  Oh those boys, I love them all!  Anyway, got two essays to write which I haven’t started and they were due two days ago!  At least these are for anthropology and sociology, so it’s two marks a working day…

It hit me recently, that I actually am so angry and annoyed that my sister told me sociology was so incredibly interesting..!!  Fuck no!!!!  And then she’s like to me, “Whoops!  Got sociology and social psychology mixed up!”  Now I realise HOW FUCKING PISSED OFF I AM!!!  Sociology is the damned most boring subject of them all, I seriously do not give a fucking fuck about the content!  And I know social psychology is interesting, because I’m doing psychology!!  If I didn’t change to fucking most boring sociology, I could be doing fun and easy linguistics!!!!!!  FUCK MY LIFE!!!!  Linguistics doesn’t even have an exam at the end!!!  Fucking hell.  Never listening to my sister again.

Just Another Woo Girl

One Direction dreaming about…me?!

So I had a cool thought this morning.  You know how every fan in general, wants to meet their god.  Let’s just say, specifically me, a Directioner, wanting to meet One Direction (oh lord), meets them!  That would be a dream come true, and I will remember that moment every day for the rest of my life, and obviously capture the moment in film, and, in pictures!  With the iPhone 5, so awesome…

Oh yes, side note.  When I met The Wanted, I had the ultimate dilemma, of whether to film it, or to take pictures.  I ended up filming it so I could possibly take screenshots later, and I could also upload it to YouTube, where people who actually care can see.  (Well I guess I could’ve uploaded pics to tumblr but oh well).  But now, with the iPhone 5, my dilemma is solved!  As I can take pictures, AND videos at the same time!

Anyway, so if I met One Direction, it’d make MY life, but would it make THEIR lives?  The greatest scenario of course would be, I meet them, and then mine and Harry’s eyes meet, and we fall in love at first sight. We exchange information and I stay in Sydney and he goes back to London, after the tour, and after we had met up after the concert.  And then, I go to London on exchange for a year for university, and I meet up with him, and out love rekindles.  We have our ups and downs, but in the end, it’s… Meant to be (Everybody Loves Raymond reference).

But of course, again, my friends will deny this ultimate reality, and say, “They’ll forget you, they meet millions of crazy girls all the time.”

But!  Here comes the amazing revelation that I believe that I myself have discovered.

When you dream, the people you see, they are actual people that you’ve seen in real life.  This is because your brain can’t actually make up random faces and bodies, so they take random people like from on the street, people you haven’t even looked at properly but your subconscious notes their face and existence into your mind.

And thus, although they may not remember me.  Their subconscious will.  And they will, in fact, dream about me!  One Direction dreams about me.

I haven’t met them yet, but, I was outside their vans while they were inside the van and was standing right in front, and, they WOULD HAVE SEEN ME!

So in conclusion, One Direction will, or have had, dreams about me.  ME!!!

Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. I haven’t blogged in a while, I’m half considering doing vlogs on YouTube, except, that would take some extreme adjustments…

Post-MS and emotionless parents = shit

My parents are the shittest people ever.  So I’m obviously post-menstrual syndrome-ing, and am completely stressed about the HSC and my inability to succeed in an extremely important stage in my adolescent life.  And now, to top it all off, I have some sort of eye infection, with a lump on the inside of my eyelid, which, when I sneeze, hurts my entire eye socket.
Anyway, I told my mum in the car today, and to ask my dad to get me some antibiotic eye-drops.  She’s like, make sure it doesn’t damage your retina.  Okay, that’s reasonable, not that I have any control over this rampant infection, but my sister almost did damage her eye badly when she’d had an eye infection.  Then she goes on to say, you need ointment.  First of all, I don’t like touching any part of my eye that I can’t see, specifically, I am not going to fucking touch, the inside of my eyelid, with my finger, not with a cotton bud, not with anything, that is just fucking wrong and I won’t endure such horrific things.  So no, I just want to have the eye-drops thanks.
Far out my mum keeps coming into my room, I obviously am upset and don’t want to talk to you, so why do you keep trying to come in and annoy me?!  God.
Anyway, she sees that this upsets me.  I obviously do not want anything near my eye.  But noticing this, she still, continues on to tell me, “You probably need to get a needle in your eye to get rid of if.” 
What the fuck?!  Why would you even say that or tell me that?!  I obviously don’t want to know and hear about it!  Maybe, when the time comes that I have to get a fucking operation and maybe get my eyelid cut open, I’ll want to know before I have the surgery, but now, when I fucking am not at that stage, why would you want to continue to upset me more and tell me that?!  I tell her to stop talking and telling me these things!
So she does the exact opposite.  By this time, I’m already tearing and crying from frustration that my own mother enjoys making her daughter upset, just to see if she can get a reaction out of me.  A reason why I think my mum sucks fucking shit.
Anyway, so I suppose she called and told my dad to get me some eye drops, and she tells him about my ‘tantrum’ and how I was being so stupid and silly and crying over silly things.  Well one, she completely pissed me off and made me extremely upset when she said that my being obsessed and loving One Direction was stupid, and they were silly.  What the fuck?!  She knows I love them, why would someone say something like that?  It’s just cruel and selfish.  Shut the fuck up.
Anyway, so my dad in the car home (this is what, seven hours later), he tells me he bought eye drops and ointment.  Okay, good.  I tell him, “I’m only using the eye drops.”
He says, “The ointment is much better and is more powerful than the eye drops.”
Okay whatever, I’m still not using them.  I tell him this.
Then he too, is like, “Fine.  If the eye drops and ointment don’t show any signs of improvement, you will have to see a eye specialist.”
“And you’ll have to have an operation and get the lump cut out.”
Fuck you!  Why are you saying this?!  He obviously knows that I was really upset this morning, so who, someone with a heart, would say the exact same thing, knowing the reaction he would get?!  A dick head, that’s what.  So I cry again.  As you can tell, this is my Post-MS.  And that’s why I conclude that my parents are shit.  And now I boycott dinner.
Oh another thing, I called my mum like ten times and she didn’t pick up once.  She calls me an hour later and I ignore her call.  Fuck you.  My dad’s like, “What the hell Alina!  You should answer it!  She’s asking to see where we are, for dinner!!”
And I tell him it’s because I called her a tonne of times and she didn’t pick up or call me back until she wanted to call.  So fuck that.
Then he’s all like, you need to relax!  Well I fucking am trying to relax but you both are making me stress out a thousand times!!  All your nagging, incessant comments about where I should study, turning off the internet, fuck you!
Parents you suck.
Dog shit,
Just Another Woo Girl

Best dream ever

Last night I had the best dream ever.  I wrote out bits of it when I woke up, and when I had woken, I was in an incredibly emotional state.  You know those dreams, where so much happens, and you feel so connected and it feels so real, you wake up and your chest is beating and your breath is short?  Well that’s what happened to me when I had dreamt I’d met One Direction and The Wanted.

Oh gosh, well I actually didn’t get to meet The Wanted in my dream.  Which may be because I have already met them in real life (oh my god).  And so it begins, well the parts that I remember, I am walking out of this building.  For some reason, the setting is similar to that of my local shopping centre, and where my tutoring building is, but I didn’t realise this in my dream, and a lot of things about it were different.  Anyway, so I’m walking down the stairs to leave the building, and I know, because I saw and heard them, that One Direction are walking down the stairs behind me.  And being the normal person I am, I play it cool, and continue to walk down.

I leave the building and turn my head back slightly, just to peek, and they are walking a different direction, possibly, so I turn and walk that way.  I turn around for some reason to meet them, maybe they’d said something.  But it was the most amazing moment in my dream history ever.  Harry walks up to me to have a hug, but instead of aiming his arms over my own, because that’s the friend hug, he aims them around my waist!  Yeah, best moment of my life.  Harry Styles.  And then I hug the rest of the boys, and they are so sweet.  It’s all a blur really.  I have this thing, and I suppose all fangirls do, is that I really like to take photos when I meet celebrities (not that I often meet them, sadly), just to have a memory and something tangible to look at, rather than a memory that becomes faded and moulded over time.  Though, the thing with taking pictures is that, I think, it’s so hard to do.  I mean, you have to meet them, say hi, and then ask for a picture, and the picture has to be good, and so on.  But I just love pictures because they truly capture memories and feelings, likewise with music.  I love the feeling of listening to a song, and having it take you on a journey back in time, feeling the same feelings that you had felt listening to that very same song four years ago.  It’s amazing.

Anyway, the great feeling that I had in this dream was, I didn’t need to take photos!  There were cameras all around us taking the pictures of this amazing moment for me!  Five boys, five hugs, amazing.  Though, it still was a dream.

Time past, somehow, somewhere, and I ended up in the car park.  I may or may not have ridden the elevator with One Direction, not sure.  And we were no longer in the setting of my current local Westfield, but back to Westfield Marion in Adelaide, where I had lived when I was young.  I’m in the car park, it’s dark, as usual, but the ceilings are high, which is kind of unusual for a car park, and there are sterile fluorescent lights above, but it wasn’t so bright that it was cold and bleak, it was slightly dim but I could still see everything clearly.

And then, I saw Jay in the car!  It was a four wheel drive kind of car, and he was sitting in the back, with maybe other people, like management, but I don’t remember the rest of the band in there.  I saw him, and he saw me, and then I got in the car and we drove down the sunset road.  Kidding.  This is the part where, I tell you what happened, instead.  I saw him, and he saw me, as I said, and being excited, I wanted to meet him!  But I had to walk around the car and other cars, for some off reason, to make it to his car door.  Even though, I was looking at him directly through the front window, so technically I could’ve just walked straight toward him…  Anyway, so I walk around, and he’s gone!  He’s not in the car anymore!  He is crouching just outside the car door, ducking.  Trying to run away.  (Wow, I really don’t like this image of Jay running away from me, but I suppose it’s funny, because I’m crazy – I’m actually not crazy.  I wasn’t even crazy when I met him.)  Yeah, so he was trying to hide so he wouldn’t have to hug me!  So sad, even though he has hugged me in real life (win).

So then he says, something along the lines of, “I didn’t want to hug you because I ate onions so my breath stinks.”

And then I went on to say, “I hate The Wanted!!  And I hate you!!!”

Yes, as you can see, I was extremely passionate in my retelling of the story, though in the dream, I was extremely passionate and extremely emotional.

I turned back and got into the elevator (I walked straight, yes straight to the elevator, meaning I didn’t even need to walk around).  And started ranting to someone in the elevator, and crying, not sure who it was though…  And that’s most evidently why I woke up in such a wretched, breathless state.  Crying in dreams makes you really emotional.  Actually, I ended up waking up, and crying in real life.  Pathetic.

So is it because I’d already met The Wanted in real life, that I didn’t get to meet them in my dream? In order to not be greedy?  Does that mean I won’t meet them ever again?  My dreams of befriending Jay, especially, may have been crushed…  Actually, Jay said in an interview that he would date a girl who used to be a big fan of The Wanted, so I guess that could be me, three years time…

What’s the point in that?
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s.  I wish I could be one of those people who could control their dreams.  Maybe I’ll try it tonight.  But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to…

Car Dreams

I long the day when I can drive, the winding roads that spiral down the mountain with views of the horizons and the cities below, the breeze rustling through my hair as I roll down the top of my convertible, the smell of daisy’s and crisp air while my cream, white scarf blows away…  Italy, I suppose this would take place.  

I may even have minor thoughts of road trips in the hot summer, in an old blue sedan, cruising with the windows down because there’s no air conditioning, and then we step out of the car into a lush forest where we ride our vintage bicycles on the dirt track, and then I suppose we stop off at a cliff where we enjoy a carton of Moove milk each.  I think we’d agree that an air conditioned journey would probably be the most enjoyable, rather than a hot tanked tin trip.

But what I most long for, is the time when I can roll up the windows, by myself, driving fast through a highway and belt out Whitney Houston or One Direction song.  That is the life.  The dream.  That I know I will someday live out, enjoy, and love.  Oh the joy, a little bit of fist pumping, a little bit of head bopping, and a lot of seat dancing.  Seat dancing, one of the best genres of dance.  This entails the wriggling of the bottom half of your body whilst using arm, shoulder and head movements to seat dance in time to the music. 
I have this small inkling that this innate desire of mine to seat dance and sing while driving, may in fact (not sure, though I think it may be possible), that I will, be the perpetrator, of an accident.  So as the safe driver I will be, I’ll look to the left, look to my right, look in the rear view mirror, look forward, and dance only when not seen by others, thus, to avoid an incredibly awkward/lol situation.
Now here comes a red light, slowing down, smoothly I come to a stop.  Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream comes on!  Oh my god!  Initiate seat dancing and emotive singing.  Fun, fun, fun, fun, looking forward to the street lights, I feel something gazing upon me.  Is it the red light cameras?  No, it is, (FML), the person next to me.  Now to avoid this situation that has occurred in many films and advertisements, I shall invest in the darkest midnight window tinting.  Not only will I preserve my dignity, I will look super cool while doing it.
On the other hand, if I become super famous… Well I’d be famous so who cares.
Just Another Woo Girl