Please use your inside voice

Lol my fan is so loud when I close the door I can’t hear my parents screaming at each other.

I actually sort of think my dad may go through some sort of monthly issue like PMS but I don’t think there’s any sort of scientific reason behind his temperamental and anger management issues.  It’s weird because he used to be a lot worse.  And when I say used to, I mean maybe around six years ago?  I mean recently we had a huge fight because I wanted to turn on the air conditioning and he said it’s a waste of energy and basically said he would kill me at that very moment by punching me and he wouldn’t even care about the consequences.

Literally I said to him, okay, the fuck is wrong with you?  Why are you being so crazy over the air conditioning…  And I slammed the door and then he rams into it trying to get in like a fucking maniac saying he’s going to knock me dead.  I was like okay, kill me then (you idiot).  And then he’s all like, “why you slam the door?!”  And I say, because I’m angry at you for not letting me turn on the air conditioning when my room is fucking what 35 degrees and I can’t breathe, i.e. what we were just arguing about (idiot).  And he gets even more angry because he doesn’t like my answer and I’m like, what, that’s exactly why I slammed the door and I don’t even give a fuck.

What’s weird is that my mum was downstairs shouting for him to stop screaming, yet she didn’t take the actual effort to come and stop him.  I mean, hello, he said he was going to murder your own daughter, what are you gonna do about it.  Obviously she’d rather I die than to come up and have him get angry at her as well.  So good luck dealing with the popo when they find a dead teenage girls body in your house that is your freaking daughter.

Anyway so right now I’m just chilling in the only place in my room that I can sit down on, my bed.  I was about to start planning my (very stressful) 19th birthday when I realised, oops, my bladder is almost full.  Not oops, I did not actually piss myself thanks.  So I opened my door and was surprised to hear my parents screaming at each other again in chinese.  As usual when I first hear them fight, my heart is like “uh oh,” and I slowly freeze and try to listen.  Realise this, I am all the way upstairs, nearly on the other end of the house and they’re in the kitchen.  What I mean by that, is their shouting is motherfucking loud.  All I can understand mostly is something about arms and hitting them, and maybe murder.  Sigh, just calm the fuck down.  My aunty is over as well so please, calm the fuck down.

So yeah I don’t really know what they were arguing about.  I heard something about money and medication, maybe for my mum, or from my acne creams, I don’t know.  I feel like they might be stressed over all the investment properties they’ve bought, which is quite a lot.  And I feel like they don’t even really know what they’re doing…

I dunno.  Every time I turn on the air conditioning because it’s too hot in my room my mum’s like, just come downstairs it’s cooler.  First of all, everything I want is in my room.  If I’m at home I’m in my room (or the kitchen).  Secondly, why the hell would I want to hang around downstairs with you.  You stare at me, watch what I’m doing on my computer or phone, annoy me, and do gross things.

I could tell my dad was pissed even when I got home.  I had thought, er how can you be pissed already, what can you even pissed off about.  The only thing I can think of that I know about is that my aunty came over for dinner, but mum hadn’t made dinner, and dad tried calling her but mum didn’t pick up her phone because the screen was frozen.  Which to be honest, is a much too petty reason to be angry.  Why don’t you just cook?  He was planning to just eat at our local japanese restaurant which has yummy eel, but mum was just like no, I’ll cook fish and stuff, it’s quick.  I think he might’ve gotten pissed then.

Also this event that I will describe to you pretty much confirms his jealousy of my meal freedom.  You see, one day mum made dinner, but I ate a mango instead.  And today, mum is making dinner, and I had a delicious pork roll instead, and some ice cream.  And today, my aunt was apparently eyeing the mangos but my dad told her that they were for me (lol).  He was very bitter about this.  Because mum then said to him, er she (my aunt) can eat them!  They’re not all for me (me).  And he got pissy because my mum told him that he basically couldn’t eat the mango the other day because it was for me.  I dunno this explanation is boring.  So maybe their argument stemmed from that.

But to be honest, I can’t even be bothered trying to decipher why the fuck they’re fighting because a lot of the times the things they scream over are fucking petty as fuck.  They can be so immature.

And what I also thought when I peed was that, this is why I’m like this.  I scream at them because they scream at each other, and they also used to scream at me.  Every teenager probably feels like this but it was fucking annoying when I used to (and sometimes still) fight with my parents and they don’t even fucking listen to what you’re actually saying, and this tends to lead to screaming.  Though the thing is, what I then thought in my puny brain, is that I can’t blame them for how I am now.  When I was little you can blame them, because you don’t know any better.  But the fact that I am aware and so conscious of this I have the power to be different a change.  I have my own mind and make my own decisions about how I want to be.

That’s how I feel about complacent people.  I know I am lazy, that’s not something I’m proud of or attribute to “just being me.”  It’s something that I want to change.  But people who are just complacent with their flaws that they know are fucking flaws and basically prevent them from achieving and succeeding and being the best they can be at life, are just fucking stupid.  Being hard working, and not lazy, is so important for just life.  Everything is hard and takes effort, you just have to realise this.  Anything easy is not worth doing.  It’s only when it becomes difficult and you overcome obstacles that what you do is worthwhile.

So derp.

Sigh I have to clean my room it is actually a dump.  And I have so many new clothes and shoes to find a home for.  And I have to plan my birthday.  And I have to make facebook events.  And just life is a lot to do and it’s hard.  I spent too much money today…

Anyway, no more complaining…

Just Another Woo Girl


Trapped in the pantry (Friday the 13th)

So since I’m trapped inside a walk in pantry for god knows how long, I thought I’d blog. And yeah, I haven’t blogged in a long time, but to be honest there hasn’t really even been much to blog about, and also I just can’t be bothered.
I was going to ask if I was weird to hide in the pantry when my mum came home unexpectedly with a guest while I was eating frozen bananas in the kitchen. Caught off guard. To the point, I guess it is weird, I didn’t want to tweet about it cos it’s too embarrassing so here I am, back on the blog. This isn’t the first time I’ve been trapped here either. I’m pretty sure it was exactly the same situation as well, where I was sitting carefree devouring food in the kitchen when I suddenly here the turning of the keys in the door, the rattling of the metal door frame and the quick creek of the wooden door with the clanging of the chain. As soon as I heard it, my mind was racing, do I take the risk and stay in the kitchen in my bright pink robe and see if maybe it’s just my mum, or make a dash for the pantry?
Well you know what I decided… I thought, I could take my embarrassing robe off, but I wasn’t wearing a bra. I wish the kitchen was closer to the stairs so I could make a dash for my room, which I spend most of my time anyway. Convenience.
But instead it’s on the far end, and so I had to take my frozen banana and run into the pantry.
Far out I can hear them talking about me, I knew this would happen. They’re like, oh I’m not even bothered to ask her to come with us (on holiday to China) anymore, she’s unhappy there and even the older one isn’t happy! Well oh my god, mum is seriously such a baby sometimes. One time when we were all in Melbourne she started crying because she didn’t want to go to yum cha or some shit like that. What the fuck.
Anyway, awks. She thinks I’m upstairs in my room or something but I’m not, I’m right here listening.
OH NO I NEED TO SNEEZE!!!! Quietly… Just sneezed three times. I think I’ve gone unnoticed.
What erks me is that even though if I were in my room it’s highly likely I wouldn’t be doing my philosophy assignment, but now I physically can’t even if I wanted to! This is frustrating. Usually it’s just my own procrastination that prevents (well I guess it’s just me that prevents me) from doing my work. But now it’s the fact that I’m stuck in the pantry with an empty bowl, my phone and a stool. There’s not even food in the pantry, not that I’d eat it anyway (I’m on a diet). There’s only hair dye, appliances and non-edible stuff.
Usually I’d be content surfing social media on my phone, not thinking it was that boring. But as soon as I closed the door on myself, I thought, “fuck, this is going to be boring”. And that it is.
Now I’m sniffling, trying to quietly, because of the sneeze. Far out, they’re just gossiping about shit. I don’t really even know what they’re talking about. Drink tea and go away already.
You may be wondering about the last time this happened to me. I feel like I’ve thought about that time, many a time. Just thinking how odd and weird it was. And now here I am again. Last time I don’t think I even had my phone. Even if I had, I think I had a Nokia or something with no fun things on it. At least now the possibilities are broader with the iPhone… Last time it was my soon-to-be or maybe already uncle who came over to talk to my mum. I ran inside the pantry, trapped, and luckily there was some sort of fold out garden chair, and I sat on that. When he left I revealed myself to my mum, that I had been sitting in the pantry. Quite lol. I won’t be doing that this time. Not really sure how I’ll make my exit this time.
I feel sick. I want her to leave. I want to go back to my room, which by the way, in an act of procrastination, I’ve moved around. It took me maybe half an hour to rearrange a few things, my bed is facing the door now which makes me feel unsettled because the last time my bed was like that I had the most turmoiltuous dreams.
Eugh, I just heard the word diet. Shut the fuck up stop talking about me. Now they’re whispering and talking about how I went to dinner on Tuesday. What the fuck, I think she thinks I have a boyfriend (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH THIS IS HILARIOUS!). Actually now I’m not sure if they are talking about me. Oh my god, I wish I wasn’t here. She says I’m not confident, oh my god… This is so fucking weird. Please… I’m DEFINITELY not revealing myself now! But now I don’t even know how to!! I hope they both just leave and go shopping.
I don’t know what they’re talking about again… So anyway, uni update, I got a credit for some film studies exercise but so sad, I was a mark off a distinction! I handed it in on time as well! But my philosophy assignment was due/is due at four but I’m going to incur (I think that’s the right word) the two mark penalty because I don’t even fucking know what the questions asking. I want to apply for special considerations but it’s too late…
Lol I think they’re talking about me being lazy about dinner. I don’t think I am! I make my own shit, kind of, especially now I’m on a diet. Fuck I just want them to leave!!! I’m tired and don’t want to deal with this shit.
Well what do you know, I guess this is my Friday the 13th unlucky luck. This is what I get for being a ‘sceptic’ about it. My friend was like, “Be careful guys! It’s Friday the 13th!” And I thought, “Heh, whatever.” Well look at me now. Feeling slightly vomity in the pantry with 20% battery and an assignment to do and having to hear crap said about me. At least I don’t have a stomach ache (which I have been having a lot recently). Hopefully I haven’t jinxed it.
Well, we’ll see how this plays out. Looking at this bright screen in the dark makes me feel a bit nauseas.
See you on the other side (I’m definitely not wooing),
Just Another Woo Girl

My un-funny dad

Just seriously lol.  I don’t even know, sometimes I find my parents interesting and funny, but only funny when they do silly things, not funny in an intellectually humorous way.  But majority of the time, they’re boring.  I think tonight, it’s safe to say, I can clearly make this conclusion.  I mean, I’ve thought it before when I’d have to sit at their dinner ‘parties’ and listen, nodding, eating, to their mundane conversations.  I guess when I was younger I attributed this to being young, and having different interests or ideas of what interesting topics of conversation were.  Not that I’d even distinguish talking over food as going through topics of conversation when I was little, or even now.  But seriously, so boring, it’s funny.
So one of my family friends from Singapore came to Sydney to study last year, she’s fluent in English and everything and gets the culture, she’s not a fob.  And this year she came to live with us, since our house has so many, well not that many, empty rooms.  And yesterday her parents came to visit to look at apartments to buy, and so they’re staying with us as well.  
Side note, I didn’t want to come out and see them since I don’t wear make up at home, and I thought having two essays to write that are already late was excuse enough.  Turns out, it’s not, and it’s pretty awkward having to sit at dinner with them tonight when it’s like I’ve avoided seeing them in my own house.  I feel so guilty, but then at the same time, after that dinner, glad I didn’t come out of my room.  I mean, they were at dinner for like three hours last night and I can’t imagine what they were talking about.  Actually I can, probably the same as tonight but about buying houses, because tonight was about bank loans.  
So I’m just enjoying the food my mums made, so yummy.  Except now that I’ve finished I feel sick and too full…  And my dad’s talking away, really mundanely, and her two parents are just listening.  So my parents and her parents go way back I think, not really sure to where, maybe my dad and her dad were uni friends…  And he’s telling them, explaining to them, the entire process of how we came to buy this house, and what loans he took.  Comparison: they bought an apartment within one day of coming to Sydney, my parents took around three.  
Whilst he was telling them the boring process, I thought to myself, maybe it’s just what he’s talking about that’s boring, not the entire conversation.  And I thought, how would I say what he’s saying?  “You’ve got to look at two different banks when you take out a loan to get the best offer.  I ended up with blah blah blah blah blah blah blah the end.”  I could say what he was saying much more quickly, and more interestingly.  Instead, my dad is dragging out the entire process trying to see if there’s some sort of reaction from his audience.  He’s putting in heaps of dramatic pauses in between words, I don’t even know.
Then he makes a joke saying in a serious voice, “I did not do anything illegal.  I would never do anything illegal because I don’t want to go to jail.”  Then bursts out laughing.  Literally no one laughed.  I felt kind of bad.  My mum was like, “that’s not funny, stop.”  And then I laughed because it was just so funny that it wasn’t.  But seriously, my dad thinks he’s so funny and laughs at his own jokes and no one else laughs.  It’s tragic.  Not even his age peers laugh.  I guess humour doesn’t age with age, it’s generally the same.  My mum’s like, “why are you laughing?”  I half think she thought I was actually laughing at my dad’s joke…  And then I left.
Ah assignments…
Just Another Woo Girl

Unhelpful parents increase stressing

So I’m going to Thailand next week.  Two days after I finish my last exam.  So when does that leave me time to prepare?  I’m not talking just packing clothes, and toiletries.  I mean, money, passports, IDs, credit cards, debit cards…  So many things to think about, on top of that, HSC stress!

I’m more stressed about Thailand than the lame HSC.  Which, by the way, my parents are completely useless for.

I tell my mum I may need a debit card or something so I don’t carry a whole wad of cash around, which would obviously make me, a target for tourist dog shit scammers.  Anyway, she says, okay, I’ll go to the bank today and ask.

She does.  She comes back and says, “No, they said it’s pointless and you’d have to pay monthly fees and you need a job.”

WRONG.  I just did the fucking research, and all I need is a tax file number and I’m ready to have a FREE debit card account.  Well you know what would be helpful right now?  Someone to HELP me get a fucking tax file number.  Which is the most strenuous process I have ever come across.  It says, I have to go through my school as that’s the easiest way…  No it isn’t!  Not when I’m done forever in a week!

Oh man, I just had a realisation.  Even if I apply for a TFN it’s too late because it takes around 10 working days to get back to me…  That’s it.  Tomorrow I’m applying for a debit card, and I’ll just have to pay the fee.  I think it’s like $10 all up or something, or either $4 or $6 a month.  Which is a lot seeing as I have no income…  I don’t know.

Also, I’m getting an iPhone 5, to replace my old ass nokia, and I want to use it now!  And for Thailand or whatnot.  And my dad wants to get a tax refund for going overseas, called the TRS.  This is because we’re going to America.  Anyway, I want to use it in Thailand, and beforehand.  So I did my research.  And he can get a refund when I go to Thailand, and he’ll send me off the airport anyway!  Well he should.  But he’s in a crappola mood at me for some reason, probably because I’m not concentrating on the HSC, but fuck that shit.  I’m stressed.


Yeah so basically they can do what I want, they just chose not to.  And that leaves me to deal with my unbearable problems.  My first world problems.  Poo.

Just Another Woo Girl

Post-MS and emotionless parents = shit

My parents are the shittest people ever.  So I’m obviously post-menstrual syndrome-ing, and am completely stressed about the HSC and my inability to succeed in an extremely important stage in my adolescent life.  And now, to top it all off, I have some sort of eye infection, with a lump on the inside of my eyelid, which, when I sneeze, hurts my entire eye socket.
Anyway, I told my mum in the car today, and to ask my dad to get me some antibiotic eye-drops.  She’s like, make sure it doesn’t damage your retina.  Okay, that’s reasonable, not that I have any control over this rampant infection, but my sister almost did damage her eye badly when she’d had an eye infection.  Then she goes on to say, you need ointment.  First of all, I don’t like touching any part of my eye that I can’t see, specifically, I am not going to fucking touch, the inside of my eyelid, with my finger, not with a cotton bud, not with anything, that is just fucking wrong and I won’t endure such horrific things.  So no, I just want to have the eye-drops thanks.
Far out my mum keeps coming into my room, I obviously am upset and don’t want to talk to you, so why do you keep trying to come in and annoy me?!  God.
Anyway, she sees that this upsets me.  I obviously do not want anything near my eye.  But noticing this, she still, continues on to tell me, “You probably need to get a needle in your eye to get rid of if.” 
What the fuck?!  Why would you even say that or tell me that?!  I obviously don’t want to know and hear about it!  Maybe, when the time comes that I have to get a fucking operation and maybe get my eyelid cut open, I’ll want to know before I have the surgery, but now, when I fucking am not at that stage, why would you want to continue to upset me more and tell me that?!  I tell her to stop talking and telling me these things!
So she does the exact opposite.  By this time, I’m already tearing and crying from frustration that my own mother enjoys making her daughter upset, just to see if she can get a reaction out of me.  A reason why I think my mum sucks fucking shit.
Anyway, so I suppose she called and told my dad to get me some eye drops, and she tells him about my ‘tantrum’ and how I was being so stupid and silly and crying over silly things.  Well one, she completely pissed me off and made me extremely upset when she said that my being obsessed and loving One Direction was stupid, and they were silly.  What the fuck?!  She knows I love them, why would someone say something like that?  It’s just cruel and selfish.  Shut the fuck up.
Anyway, so my dad in the car home (this is what, seven hours later), he tells me he bought eye drops and ointment.  Okay, good.  I tell him, “I’m only using the eye drops.”
He says, “The ointment is much better and is more powerful than the eye drops.”
Okay whatever, I’m still not using them.  I tell him this.
Then he too, is like, “Fine.  If the eye drops and ointment don’t show any signs of improvement, you will have to see a eye specialist.”
“And you’ll have to have an operation and get the lump cut out.”
Fuck you!  Why are you saying this?!  He obviously knows that I was really upset this morning, so who, someone with a heart, would say the exact same thing, knowing the reaction he would get?!  A dick head, that’s what.  So I cry again.  As you can tell, this is my Post-MS.  And that’s why I conclude that my parents are shit.  And now I boycott dinner.
Oh another thing, I called my mum like ten times and she didn’t pick up once.  She calls me an hour later and I ignore her call.  Fuck you.  My dad’s like, “What the hell Alina!  You should answer it!  She’s asking to see where we are, for dinner!!”
And I tell him it’s because I called her a tonne of times and she didn’t pick up or call me back until she wanted to call.  So fuck that.
Then he’s all like, you need to relax!  Well I fucking am trying to relax but you both are making me stress out a thousand times!!  All your nagging, incessant comments about where I should study, turning off the internet, fuck you!
Parents you suck.
Dog shit,
Just Another Woo Girl

Reminiscing random memories of my crazy parents

My parents always fight.  I can hear them ‘speaking loudly’ downstairs right now.  Sometimes I think they don’t even love each other.  This is going to sound extremely harsh, but sometimes I think my mum may have been a gold digger.  She always tells my sister to marry a rich boy, or wealthy, or at least a stable and well paid job, (well now that I think of it, I guess that’s quite normal).  But my mum did marry my dad when he was studying to become a doctor, and, I don’t know.  My dad’s a bit, really weird sometimes, he makes really crappy jokes and laughs at them himself (that also sounds normal).

But he is seriously a bit weird, so I don’t really see what my mum saw in him (harsh).  And, I think my mum may or may not have been ‘pretty’ in her day or what not.  When my dad used to get angry, it seemed to be a lot of the time when I was around, five to ten (now I feel sorry for myself when I think back to it, because man, I was only a little child…).  Anyway, when I used to get in trouble, or have arguments, for some petty reason… Oh man, I was actually just a little baby, what, a little seven year old arguing with a forty-five year old man…  Anyway, he would actually pull out some fucking scary (well I thought it was at the time) kung-fu shit at me, basically trying to scare or satisfy his frustration by pretending to hit me, or actually, I’d usually fight back, or run to my room and try and hold the door closed.  Far out, my dad is actually fucking crazy.  Though, he doesn’t do this anymore, okay now I’m laughing because I’m thinking back to when my dad cries.

Yeah, my dad is a bit of a massive baby, and my mum too.  He would literally sob after a fight with my mum and like lie on the ground like a crazed child and sob loudly, and heave.  I think this may have been the point where I lost sympathy in my parents crying, well only when I’m the cause, well when we have arguments.  I just, when you’re so angry, you don’t even care if the other person is crying, I just find it so annoying to the point where I get frustrated at their crying, you’re not going to make me crack and feel sorry for you, and say, oh no, you’re right.  I guess I’m stubborn then.

But still, I still feel sympathy towards others, it’s weird, I can be completely cold towards some things and some situations, but other times I’m completely sympathetic.  Does that mean I’m biased or something?  People say that I have a tendency to create judgement and then base my thoughts further on those.  I can be subjective when I consciously make the decision to be, and when I’m biased, I know it too.  People usually don’t believe me when I say I’m not biased or saying this based upon my subjectivity or own causes.  Oh well.

As I was saying, my mum was also crazy when I was a kid.  There was a time when I’d come home from a friends house after swimming in their pool (and watching Scary Movie One in which I was scarred for life), I was around six.  Actually, I think I was seven because I’d just moved schools and was in year one or two.  Anyway, my mum told me to take my bathers to the laundry and I refused to because I was tired.  Then she started chasing me around the house, at some point I probably slipped and fell because I was on the ground and she was lifting me up by the legs.  Obviously I was crying.  I ran to my sister’s room, she must’ve been around sixteen and was studying a lot so she didn’t play with me much anymore, and tried to get her to “save me” in those exact words.  She didn’t save me.  Not sure what happened after that.

It is so clear in my mind that I’m not even just stringing together a few images in my mind, it happened like that.  I guess I may resent my parents for being so crazy.  I’m pretty sure I was an accident, that’s what my sister says, and I’m pretty sure it’s true.  Oh well, that’s their problem…

I think my mum was crazy, well this is actually according to my sister, who also agrees she is crazy with her own crazy mother experiences…  Anyway, my sister said she was crazy because she missed my dad or something.  Which kind of rejects the idea that my parents don’t love each other.  Maybe love grew, I mean, that is usually the case anyway.  My dad was always on night shifts or on-call for registrar or something, whatever it’s called.  And my mum also worked night shifts sometimes at the hospital, so it was just my sister and I at home. She used to blast the music super loud, Backstreet Boys, Brandy…  In particular, Mariah Carey.  She played “One Sweet Day” which I thought said “Once We Dead” which always made me sad.  What made me bawl my eyes out was when she played “I Can Make it Through the Rain” because I missed my mum.  I would literally crouch over on the carpet in front of the stereo and cry really loudly, my sister didn’t really do anything about it, which I find kind of funnily absurd.  She was a teenager.  Like me now.

Oh well.  Just a thought rant from me.

Just Another Woo Girl

Queen of the Household

I may or may not be the Queen of the household.  Which, is probably most conceited of me to think this, but let’s just say, I may be, because I probably am.  Now, I’m pretty sure my dad is jealous of me because my mum always cooks what I want to eat, or something, and always calls me down for dinner, specifically.

I’m also pretty sure that they had a fight about it.  I don’t think my mum should have told me, just because, I wouldn’t tell my daughter if I was in her position.  Though I think I’m probably the most tyrannical child, mostly because next year I’ll be basically supporting myself (exclude housing) so I had decided a while ago that I’d make the most of my final year of being on parental support.
But please, all, don’t think that I am extremely out of control, because I really don’t think I am.  My mum had basically told me before, that once I finish high school, I’m on my own.  That is, unless I stay living at home, which, I know she wants.  I’m not even being arrogant when I say this, because she actually says it.  Though even after saying she wants me to stay at home, she says, you have to do everything for yourself and pay for every single thing yourself.
As a teenage girl, that I still am, I had always, always, always, wanted to move out of home straight away when I finished school.  Live on university campus, be independent, wash my own clothes, cook and eat whatever I want.  So really, if my mum wants me to stay at home, there should be an incentive.  And now, their isn’t, because I’ll still have to do everything myself.  I mean, I’ll still see you, I’m not living in another state…  Or am I…
Anyway, so my dad says to my mum, “You treat me like a second class citizen!”
Wow, thanks for telling me mum, now I know dad is annoyed at me constantly.  He went to eat one of my hair and nail supplements, and my mum said she said, “Those are Alina’s!”  And my dad goes, “So?!  I can eat them if I want to!”
The question is, why do you want to eat them?  I swear my dad has become vain for some reason.  And the only obvious reason I can think of is that he’s got a lady on the side.  But that’s only because I’ve been watching far too much Mad Men and realistically, I can’t see that happening.  Another reason why he’s vain, he has gotten braces.  Braces.  I mean seriously?  He’s almost sixty, why does he need straight teeth?  I mean, he’s already married.  It’s not like he needs to court someone so he’d not be alone for the rest of his life.
I feel like both of my parents are completely childish, and I blame my own immatureness on them.  It’s a negative influence that I cannot escape.  I suppose once I move out I’ll be able to grow up, but I am still a teenager, and I do like the idea of being young forever, so immaturity is still a somewhat acceptable stage.  My mum always feels sorry for herself, my dad has become increasingly childish as I have noticed, just his mannerisms and the way he gets annoyed at my mum and has these crazy facial expressions that maybe in a sitcom I’d find amusing, but in real life, it’s really just, unpleasant.
I think my dad wants to be the boss of the household, but I think I’m the boss.  Which is completely wrong, though I don’t do it on purpose.  One of my parents should be the boss, but it just isn’t.  I feel like, something is horribly corrupt within the state of my house.  You probably think so too.  And I agree.  I feel like I’m Claudius, and I’ve disrupted the natural order, and I’m so evil and nefarious.  But I don’t want to be Claudius!  I was thinking I’d want to be Hamlet, but he dies.  And then I was thinking about other characters like Ophelia, and these I realised that they all die, so I’d rather not be anyone from Hamlet…
Just Another Woo Girl

Parents and their stubbornness

Parents and their stubbornness.  Are your parents stubborn?  Do they make ultimately invalid arguments in which they repeat the same thing over and over again?  No you say?  Well lucky you.  You must be the only one.  Oh, what’s that you say?  That’s just what parents do?  Well, be that as it may, it’s stupid and it sucks.  Balls.
So there’s I, just a daughter in a four person family.  Sometimes I consider myself to be majority of the time, an only child (sorry sister).  My sister, is basically ten years older than I (yes I) and has been living away from home since she was a young person.  What I mean to say is, I am a typical adolescent girl.  Hormones are probably raging (how would I know really, I haven’t known anything different, have I?  So this is just assumed).  Stresses piling up from the HSC (it’s the Higher School Certificate, I think it’s like the A levels in the UK and whatever, SATs in the US).  I got mixed messages about the HSC, some people said it was fine, others said it was the most stressful time of their teenage lives.  Well I have to say, coming up to the trials, and the end, all the work that I hadn’t done had (inevitably) caught up with me.  So what I mean to say is, stress, food, and lack of exercise, oh and of course, my raging hormones, I have acquired a party of acne on my forehead.
I will admit, it is not as bad as, obviously, the worse cases of acne, but it’s still there! 
And it’s silly, I ask my parents, “Can I see a dermatologist?  I want to see a dermatologist.” 
And they reply, “No, your pimples aren’t bad enough.” 
I reply, “Well I don’t want to wait until they are bad enough.”
And they reply, “It takes a three month waiting period.”
“I hear its two.”
“Well it still takes a long time.”
“Then book it now and I’ll see one in three months.”
And after that mundane recreation of events, you can repeat the last two lines alternatively over and over again.  Stubbornness, exemplified. 
What is this logic?!  Is it because they are parents they are allowed to do whatever they want?!  I mean, at least give me a valid reason.  I can’t even think of one, probably because my mind doesn’t want to work against me! 
They gave me no choice, I had to drop the bomb (please do not I am not that much of a tyrannical child, the next part occurs months after, the previous parts happen repeatedly on a three week basis).
Yeah that’s right, do you not care about your youngest daughter who in less than a year will be eighteen, and will become this awesome adult who is completely independent and did I mention awesome? 
And here is the abrupt ending to this post which has droned on far too long.
Just Another Woo Girl