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Gluten free chocolate brownies

You can’t really go wrong with brownies. I mean, if the batter tastes good, it’ll taste good. I tried baking cookies today, and let’s just say, the batter was much more tasty than the end product (I think I burnt it).

These were delicious. Comment if you want the link to the recipe! I had to tweak it because it wasn’t sweet enough for me. I love sweet stuff.

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The grounds of Alexandria

I posted an ugly photo of my fruit salad dinner…here is something more worthy of your viewing! Introducing, The Grounds of Alexandria!! The vibe is pretty amazing, and the outdoor patio seating is homely, well lit yet also shady! I have to say although I enjoyed my breakfast meal, I would’ve preferred lunch but I was too early. And the desserts and pastries where probably my favourite even though I was too full to eat it all.

20140207-220617.jpgBerry Bircher muesli with a side of Mediterranean lamb sausages and a banana smoothie

I did not finish this… The muesli is ginormous!! But the rhubarb in it was probably the highlight, so smooth in texture and I love the stringy-ness. The sauasage a were good to balance out the sweetness of the muesli and my smoothie, though I definitely have a sweet tooth.

20140207-220630.jpgPassion fruit cheesecake and lemon meringue tart

I was too full to eat but I shared half and half with my friend. Lemon meringue was a bit too sour for my taste but the passion fruit cheesecake was delicious. I heart cheesecake.

Though wellco I think is still my number one cafe so far, best frappe in town.

Just Another Woo Girl

Those days…

Those days when you feel fat and sad… Sadly, today is one of those days. Oh man, literally, I brushed my hair over my face and thought, “dayum gurl you look hawt today (when yo face is hidden behind curtains of hurr)”. Dayum.

So update from the last five minutes I posted, I did not clean my room because my mum called me down for dinner. And no offence mum, was I disappointed… Last night I got to have Vietnamese summer rolls, yum! But tonight I was mediocrely greeted with soup, chicken breast (ew how bland) and broccoli. Devastating. I think I’ll eat fruit for dinner. I’m still feeling a bit off, the reason still unknown. But even fruit is high in sugars and calories and I bet I’ll be hungry again at 11pm. Then I’ll eat something bad and feel bad. Hoorah.

On the brighter side I’m downstairs and chilling on the guest room bed. It’s much cooler down here, I can actually breathe. Oh, and another pretty proud moment from last night; I don’t even know why but I’ve been staying up past 1am lately, and last night I didn’t sleep until 3am because I was watching the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate…

So quick side note on that: Ken Ham. Some of the things, well every of the things (#theoffice) made me mad. He is so frustrating. And to break this hint of intellectuality in my life, tumblr had some funny stills and gifs of Bill Nye while Ken Ham was talking. His face was literally saying, “plz stop.” I laughed. This debate really made me realise how ridiculous I think religion mixed with science is. Everyone should watch the debate, guys watch it.

Yeah anyway so before I watched that I was online shopping, and what I meant to say was, I restrained myself from buying anything!!! I am proud! I’ve already set out a budget for the next two weeks until I get paid (I’ll be paid next to nothing) so I can save for my overseas trip at the end of the year to Japan and other places!!!! Being in Sydney these whole holidays, I mean it’s been fun, but really, I would much rather be exploring the world and gaining new and wonderful experiences!

Another thing that has saddened me about the holidays is how much money I’ve spent, and I don’t even know what on! Well I do, vaguely (clothes and other material goods). I got so much money these holidays, more than usual I think! And I still have next to none left! Although I am saving, and have saved quite a bit (when compared to past saving records) so that makes me happy!

Anyway, looks like I’ve just cheered myself up! For the first time in my blog for a while, woo. And that was not completely sarcastic either! Venting is good for the soul, and I’d rather not bore the real world with my mundane thoughts and woes. So hello world! Hello internet!

I’m going to eat fruit and clean now!

Bye lovely munchkins!
Just Another Woo Girl

I almost!!!! But then I don’t

Sigh myself, I am the worst ever.  Here I am sitting, all by my lonesome, in my messy room, in my gym clothes, with makeup on, all ready, hair tied up, but no I ain’t going to the gym.  See?  I am the complete worst.

Now I’d just like to say that I have a full face of makeup because I thought I was going to get my OPG scan to get my wisdom teeth out today.  I had already agreed with my mum that she would take me in the afternoon.  But when I woke up she was gone.  So I got ready and half waited for her, and half stared at myself in the mirror trying to fix the horrors of my hair (more on that later).  She came home at 5:30pm and didn’t say anything.  So yeah, you suck!

I mean I knew I was maybe going to the gym later anyway so getting ready was a good thing.  And yeah I always wear a full face of makeup to the gym anyway.  My skin is so horrible right now, and sort of as always.  It’s flaky, peeling and dry from my acne creams…making my foundation look real cakey.

To be honest I actually was ready and wanted to go to the gym today, except eugh, my mind kept saying to me, “the gym is not for fat people,” which is so totally stupid and ironic because how will I ever be skinny and ripped if I don’t go to the gym?  I’m still waiting for me to become skinny fat, I must work harder!!  Mind over matter!  Another reason I decided not to go was that I don’t have a gym bag, or even just a suitable bag to bring to the gym, so I didn’t go.  Also, I swear I have the roundest face ever, especially also because I’m chubby, so I never tie my hair up (which I miss doing by the way).

I’m sad.  My room is messy.  My room is hot.  My skin is crap.  I am fat.

I should stop complaining!!!! That’s it I’m going to clean my room right now!  No more talk, no more typing about it on the computer!!!!  I swear…I am really tired from doing nothing.  But…

I don’t know.  I feel like I never have any clear thoughts about anything anymore.  Maybe my life is bland.  Maybe I’ve just gotten better at thinking it all out in my head.  Or maybe I’ve simply repressed thinking about anything slightly difficult.  My ponytail is so tight right now it’s sucking the brain cells out of my head.

Is it possible to have green tea overdose?  I watched some weight loss video on youtube about how green tea helps boost your metabolism and how you should drink it at least three times a day.  I think so far I’ve had a bit more than three glasses and I feel a bit sick.  Maybe it’s my lack of exercise.  And every time I eat, I feel hungry almost immediately after, in fact, i don’t even feel remotely full at all!  And I don’t think it’s what I’m eating because for breakfast I ate beans, an egg and a slice of toast.  And for lunch I had a salad with some turkey and teeny bit of pork…  That’s pretty high in protein and low in carbs!  I don’t know!!!!!!! 

Just Another Woo Girl

I am never painting my nails during the day ever again

So just wanted to let you all know that I am never painting my nails ever again during the day.  Ever.  Usually I do my nails at night before bed because otherwise it hinders me from doing other things during the day, but then my room always smells of poison during the night, not that I really notice…  But for some reason, some stupid reason, I decided to paint my nails in the middle of the day.  Well the reason is procrastination (not that it can really even count as a reason).  So instead of writing my essays, I sat and watched spongebob on my computer whilst doing my nails.

For some reason there’s this massive hype right now, I keep seeing memes about it, of how cool and awesome Spongebob is as a cartoon, and that it should be for adults.  I love how when you watch old children’s shows as an older person-

Oh my god stop right there.  I am an adult.  I am eighteen.  I am an adult.  Holy crap!  This is so weird!!!!!!!  This is the first time I’ve thought of or called myself an adult!!!  Well I actually didn’t call myself one because as I was thinking and typing it in my head it didn’t sound right…  I usually refer or categorise myself as a teenager, because I still am a teenager…  Wow!  I’m an adult!  Not sure whether when I turn nineteen next year that I’ll call myself an adult or still a teenager.  Maybe save adult for when I’m twenty.

Anyway, when you watch kids shows when you’re older there are so many things you don’t pick up on that you do now, like sexual innuendo.  It really makes me think what the writers are thinking when they write stuff like that…  Is it apart of how you make a children’s show?  You have to put sexual things in that they won’t get as some sort of underlying meaning and when they’re older they feel comfortable with sex?  I don’t know.  Well I thought Spongebob had some…  I watched the first few episodes a few weeks ago and didn’t think it lived up to it’s hype.  But now, after a few episodes in I feel like it’s heaps better!  I really like it.  Was never that into Spongebob when I was little anyway.

It’s kind of weird thinking that Spongebob is old, but he is so cute!  He acts like a little kid in the show.  But then Squid-ward is actually like an old man, older man…  So there’s this weird uncle-child relationship…  I don’t know.  Pearl is just weird.  Creeps me out.

So yeah basically painting my nails in the middle of the day has basically made my entire day revolve around painting my nails.  They don’t dry quickly since I’m not using OPI and so I have to be careful.  Then I think they’ve dried, literally six hours later, but they haven’t.  I accidentally scratch like a hole in the middle and have to fill it.  Then I’m in the shower and it moves off the nail and feels like rubber.  And now I’ve had to remove two of my nail polished nails and redo before I sleep because obviously, that is the optimal time.

There’s literally nothing to eat at home.  I saw Maxim icecreams in the freezer every time I opened the fridge but wanted to save it for later.  I was nagging my mum that I wanted icecream and I suppose she or my family friends mum bought it.  And then tonight, I was like, now’s the time, the perfect time, there is no other time before until this time, to eat chocolate coated vanilla ice-cream!  I was so excited.  And then, to my complete horror, it was gone.  All gone.  The box is gone.  Just an empty space left behind.  Fml.  Now I’m eating some seaweed crackers, fuck.

Just Another Woo Girl

Lunch date at Moo Burgers!

Yesterday I kind of, most probably, had the best Moo Burger experience of my life!  Seriously delicious and I hope you all drool with envy over this feast…  So many FEELS!

Yummy and delicious Moo burgers!  From top left: Cheese Moo, bucket of onion rings, haloumi burger, and my own Big Moo!  Plus strawberry milkshake and Fanta, with the cutest cow print straws!

Close up of my Big Moo!  Egg, beef patty, extra pineapple!, beetroot, caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce, cabbage? and home-made mayo!  Seriously, I wish that was in my mouth right now…!!

The Aftermath: my friend top left was annihilated.

Well hope you enjoyed this lunch series, because, fuck, I wish that was me again, everyday…

Strive for food excellence,
Just Another Woo Girl

P.s. This was at Moo Burgers Newtown!  They also have restaurants in Coogee, which I always go to when I’m at the beach!  And other places, I think Manly, Bondi…